Wind intelligent solar compact park-street LED lamp
Why ?
WindLamp solves the pressing problem of the global society in the field of developing green energy trend, concerning the lighting of small and mountain roads, pedestrian paths, suburban areas, parks, farms and other facilities where electricity supply is difficult or very expensive

  • Country houses and farms
  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Country villages
  • Embankments, parks and eco-zones
  • Mountainous and highways
  • Pedestrian and eco paths
  • Temporary and remote objects
Independence from electric networks
Built-in battery 1000 W*h (12/17 hours of luminescence)
Amorphous solar panels for windless and cloudy weather
Height only 3-4 meters for wind power output 200W
Ability to work from the air flow of passing cars
Internal anti-vandal arrangement of the blades with no irritating flickering
Increased life, efficiency and decreasing wind start speed due to use of magnetic suspension of wind generator
Can send data to server via WiFi/GSM
Ability to give extra energy to an external storage
Fits well in a variety of terrain
Automatic turn-off during the day
Decision of client problems
It does not require costs, construction works and complex approvals for electrical wiring other than a hole in the ground 50cm long
Removes the need to use high masts and complex and expensive installation and maintenance for power generation
The ability to move quickly and easily
Does not create noticeable noise
Can be installed on a small area of 0.5 x 0.5 m
Does not require repair more than once every 10 years
Does not spoil the landscape design
It is possible to install on a highway in a terrain with a low wind speed
Provides electricity to parking and camps and scares away the light of wild animals
Increases the safety of people on ecotrails and roads
Power of LED: 60/90W
Power of wind turbine: 200W
Power of solar panels: 120W
Lenght/diameter: 3-4/0.5m
Lighting without wind and sun: 12/16 hours (1000Wh battery)
Price: 1500 (dealer)-2000$
Build 2 pre-serial prototypes
30-50k$ and 6 month
Acceleration and pre-sales
50k$ and 6-12 month
Prepare for production and pilot manufacture and sales
300k$ and 12 month
Production of the first batch and sales. First big revenue.
750k$+ (1000+ pcs) and 12 month
Widerange sales
Build custom products for big clients specs and sale it
WisLamp Garden developed !
Garden specs
Power of LED: 160Lumen
Power of wind turbine: 10W
Power of solar panels: 5W
Lenght/diameter: 70/20cm
10Wh battery
Price: 100 (dealer)-130$
Olga Dyachenko

8 years of experience in leading companies in Russia (Sberbank, Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, Sberbank) and energy consulting (Infield Systems, London): investment strategy, strategy for the development and implementation of innovative projects and technologies in the fuel and energy sector; investment and marketing consulting.

Fellow of the British Government Programm Chevening, President of Chevening Association in Russia
Igor Bredihin

  • Development of electromotor cycles in Deller
  • Co-founder of the company of the production of electrification kits eczo.bike
  • Co-Founder and Executive Director of Sintech Solutions
  • Co-Founder and CTO Jetbike
Vitaly Kulagin
System engineer

  • "Customushka" - CEO and founder
  • "HiConcept" - CEO
  • FIEP - Programmer
  • "New Strategies" - CTO
  • "Westcom" - CTO
  • "Avers Invest" - Sysadmin
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