Vertical wind turbines
High efficient (48%), low cost and silent wind farms
Wind power factor ~0,48.
The advantage of vertical type rotors is, first of all, a lower payback period, and also that they allow operation over a wide range of wind speeds. While rotors with a horizontal axis are transferred to a protective mode of autorotation at a certain maximum wind speed, the excess of which is fraught with the destruction of the structure. Rotors with a vertical axis experience significantly less mechanical stresses at an equal wind speed. VAWTs have a much shorter payback period than propeller wind generators. Also, the advantage of vertical rotors is their low noise and the possibility of installation in urban buildings, including on the roofs of buildings.
- 3 times less sufficient height for installation with the same output power
- 9% higher efficiency (48%) because of the new principle of operation, the generation of an upward vortex interacting with inclined wings and blades of a horizontal impeller
- Automatic adjustment of the orientation of the blades to wind speed
- Ability to work with an upflow of air
- Increased service life of the knot of rotation due to the transfer of load to the support wheels

Different powers and sizes
We will construct a wind generator of any power according to the customer's request
(RnD and installation)

Standart solutions:
Garden 100 W module
A great combination of style and the ability to install autonomous lighting together with an energy storage device !
2 - 20 kW home modules
- Diifferent heights
- Radius = 1m
- Operating wind speed range: 5 ... 35 m/s
- Noise up to 30 dB
- Wind Power Factor = 0.48
- Full cost price (without installation):
2 kW - ~$1500
5 kW - ~$3000
10 kW - ~$5000 (2 modules of 5 kW in one rack)
15 kW - ~$7000 (3 modules of 5 kW in one rack)
20 kW - ~$9000 (4 modules of 5 kW in one rack)

It is possible to scale the power to 100kW by increasing the diameter of the rotor to 10m or install in one rack several modules of 2 or 5 kW near or above each other
50-200 kW modules
- Height 8m
- Radius = 3m
- Operating wind speed range: 5 ... 40 m/s
- Noise up to 40 dB
- Increasing power by install in one rack several modules of 50 kW near each other
1 MW plant and more
- Increased reliability and continuity of work due to 24 independent turbines
- Wind speeds from 5 to 40 m / s
- Total noise not more than 40 dB
- The basement area of the building is 6600 square meters,
- Overall height (taking into account the height of the roof deflectors) - 44.6 m.
- Width 33m, length 201m
- Safe for birds and the environment
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