Vertical windmills
High efficient, low cost and silent wind farms
Wind-solar LED street light
Why ?
WindLamp solves the pressing problem of the global society in the field of developing green energy trend, concerning the lighting of small roads, pedestrian paths, suburban areas, parks, farms and other facilities where electricity supply is difficult or very expensive
  • Country houses and farms
  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Country villages
  • Embankments, parks and eco-zones
  • Mountainous and highways
  • Pedestrian and eco paths
  • Independence from electricity grids (accommodation in any place)
  • Built-in battery 1000 W*h (17 hours of luminescence)
  • Micromorphic solar elements for windless weather for visible and infrared spectrum
  • The height of only 4 meters for sufficient power output 200W with wind
  • Starting wind speed of only 3 m/s
  • Wind power efficiency up to 50% due to the new operating principle
  • Increased life due to the use of the magnetic suspension of the wind generator and LEDs
  • Fits well in a variety of terrain
  • Automatic glow adjustment from 0 to 100%

Decision of client problems
It does not require costs, construction works and complex approvals for electrical wiring other than a hole in the ground 50cm long
Removes the need to use high masts and complex and expensive installation and maintenance for power generation
The ability to move quickly and easily
Does not create noticeable noise
Can be installed on a small area of 0.5 x 0.5 m
Does not require repair more than once every 10 years
Does not spoil the landscape design
Power of LED: 60-80W
Power of wind turbine: 200W
Power of solar panels: 100W
Lenght/diameter: 4/0.5m
Lighting without wind and sun: 12 hours
Price: 1100-1500$
Developing roadmap
Build 1-2 WindLamp prototypes
15-30k$ and 4-6 month
WindLamp marketing company at Kickstarter
15-50k$ and 4-6 month
Search for investment in the series and the production of the first batch
750k$ and 8-12 month
WindLamp b2c and b2b sales
Build custom products (Wind-Solar Lamps or Windmills) for big clients specs and sale it
Contact us
CEO Bredihin Igor
Phone: +7-985-9961966

CCO Petuhov Nikita
Phone: +7-915-2332315
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