What do we offer to investors?

The readiness of the first product and the broad possibilities of its realization with a multiple increase in the company's profit each year
Our innovations
Ability to correct and quick control of two wheels at once on the same vehicle axis
Data transmission between BMS and all types of charging stations
Many controllers can work fast in CAN network
Suitable for all engine types
Suitable for hybrid transport (electric-fuel)
Low specific power factors, efficiency and reliability
High specific power factors, efficiency and reliability
Suitable for all vehicle types
Solutions for non-standard situations
Our solution
Implementation of the lockable differential with traction control, ABS or backup drive on the vehicle
Possibility of realization of various types of electric transport including hi-efficient hybrid (electric-fuel)
Powers from 1kW to 180kW and wide range of batteries supported
–°ontrollers can control various motors (BLDC, PMSM, IPM, PMAC, ACIM) and support any type of control (Scalar, Vector, Sensorless)
The flexibility of the solution for a particular project or product
High reliability and quality
Deep support for all projects and customers
The possibility of creating an electric transport ecosystem with an effective interaction between its components
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Sales channels
B2B or B2G Sales and support (30% of profit)
B2B or B2G RnD (70% of profit)
Execution of orders for development of large companies and customization of existing products for the needs of a customer.
Electric transport sales in the world
Realized projects
Contact us
CEO Bredihin Igor
Phone: +7-985-9961966
E-mail: ibredihin@ya.ru

CCO Petuhov Nikita
Phone: +7-915-2332315
E-mail: 7929098@mail.ru
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