Hi-End electric drive controllers
Its a heart and mind of our platform
SmartMotion 10/20 kW
Our solution
Implementation of the lockable differential with traction control on the vehicle. The implementation of an independent ABS on each wheel
Possibility of realization of various types of electric transport
Changing the type of motor control: Scalar, Vector, Sensorless
Control of various motors: BLDC, PMSM, IPM, PMAC, ACIM
The flexibility of the solution for a particular project or product
Work with different position sensors: Encoder, Resolver, Hal
Deep support for all projects and customers
100 000 ERPM support
RPM = 2*ERPM / Npoles
Size depends on the type of cooling.
Starting trimmer without additional cooling fins:
- 272x110x56mm for 10 kw
- 272х110х70mm for 20 kW
With airflow ribs:
- 272x110x96mm for 10 kw
- 272х110х 50mm for 20 kW

~500$ (10 kW, one drive)
~700$ (20kw, one or two frives)
Possible solutions based on the SmartMotion
Electric vehicle (BEV) with battery and 1 e-drive.
Electric vehicle (BEV) with battery power and several e-drives
ABS, traction control
Electric differential
Hybrid Vehicle (HEV)
One power part of SmartMotion for controlling the generator, the second for the engine
Additional features
Control of 2 engines when creating a hybrid or sequential transmission
Control of 1 motor with a split winding type with or without offset
So the synchronization of the power parts is not needed, that increases the reliability and quality of the drive control.
Easy integration of controllers into the network via CIA CAN
Support of operating modes:
· Regulator of current, speed, power, voltage (for hybrid vehicles).
· Work in all quadrants.
· Operating mode without position sensor.
Providing any dependencies to ensure the operation of the system:
Limitation of speeds, powers, currents, voltages, parametric dependencies of various quantities from each other, and much more
Protective functions for all important parameters of the drive system:
current, voltage, speed, temperature
Eczo controller
2kW compact and cheap controller (~200$)
Rated power: 2kW
5 min power: 3.5kW
1 min power: 6 kW
Switching frequency: up to 20kHz
Battery voltage: 35V ~ 90V
Operating temperature range:
-30°C ~ 90°C, 100°C - shutdown
Peak phase current, 10 sec: 150A
Rated phase current: 70A
5V source for sensors: 300mA
12V power rail: 1A
Weight 540g
Size: 86x150x45 mm (housing length 122mm)
Protection class IP54
❖ Monitoring of voltage on all phases, power bus and system buses 12V and 5V.
❖ Synchronous rectification, low drop on the keys, special. PWM techniques to
achieve maximum efficiency.
❖ Phase current sensor.
❖ Hardware overfill protection.
❖ Adjustable battery and phase current limits.
❖ Various modes of electronic braking.
❖ Protect the battery from: overflow, overvoltage and deep discharge.
❖ Temperature protection of the motor and controller
❖ Supports motors with any number of poles
❖ Up to 100,000 electric rpm (ERPM = Par Pole * RPM).
❖ Automatic detection of the position of the sensors of the hall.
❖ Supports thrust, speed, epic and combined control mode
mode with graphical adjustment of levels.
❖ Instantaneous response to the throttle, without delay
❖ Aluminum housing and double sided heat sink for maximum cooling.
❖ Low EMF
❖ Multiple control inputs: 0-5V brake, brake key, 0-5V gas, torque sensor
pedals, PAS
❖ Configurable from an on-board computer or via a mobile application for
❖ Automatic power off when idle
❖ Motor control modes: sensorless, FOC, stepped, sine
❖ CAN bus
❖ Supports multiple controllers on a CAN bus
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