Hi-End parts for electric transport ecosystems and clean energy plants

About us
We are a young, smart and fast startup company with products of wide and demanded use.

We made a platform for creating from a separate vehicle or a source of clean energy to a local ecosystem with charging stations of our partners, which interacts with its components as efficiently as possible.

Our position is maximum flexibility for each project based on our technologies.

OUR products
We design and develop motor controllers, electric drives/generators, battery management systems and on-board computers. Also we can include in the sets chargers, charging stations, battery assembly and autopilot systems from our partners for:
- Ground: e-bicycle, e-motorcycle and scooters, and e-cars.
- Air: UAV, drones and light/sport aviation
- Water: small/middle submarines, water bikes and boats
- Green energy: windmills, energy storages and other sources

We will cover the segments of electric drives with the power:
- 1 kW (bicycles and the like, drones, home windmills, personal underwater vehicles, machine tools)
- 10/20 kW (e-motorcycles, light vehicles, light aircrafts, small boats, water bikes, light submarines, —Āountry windmills)
- 80/160 kW (cars, sport aircrafts, boats, research submarines, industrial windmills)
We sell technology, a personal approach and support for each project and customer, we want our efforts to travel, fly, swim and twist along with the customer's ideas.
Our team
We are fanatic people at electric transport, clean energy and business development
Igor Bredihin
Work at:
- Founder of the company for the production of bike conversion kits "eczo.bike"
- PM at electric motorcycles design company "Deller"
Nikita Petuhov
CCO (Sales)
Work at:
- PJSC Central Telegraph; CEO's councelor
- Biz-Telecom LLC, CEO.
- ZAO Severen-Telecom, Commercial Director
- ZAO DCK-Svyaz; Director of Business Development
- LLC "SIEMENS"; Manager for work with telecom operators
- ZAO "MAKOMNET"; Head of Sales Team
Olga Dyachenko
8 years of experience in leading Russian companies (Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, Sberbank) and energy consulting (Infield Systems, London): investment strategy, strategy for the development and implementation of innovative projects and technologies in the fuel and energy complex; investment and marketing consulting.
Andrey Ermakov
Created by:
- Vector control system of traction of a bus.
- Diagnostic software for the super-capacitor unit controller
- Sensorless control system for motors with magnets.
- Low-voltage controller for synchronous motors.
- Mathematical model of the TC and electric drive with the simulation of operating modes.
Andrey Bulichev
Top Electronix Engeneer
Created by:
- Supercapacitor storage module for hybrid bus with control controller and leveling system.
- Controller for power converter control of a hybrid vehicle.
- The controller of the top level of the electric vehicle.
- Inverter for controlling the engine of the cooling pump of the tractor with electric transmission.
- Bi-directional power supply of own needs 3 kW.
- High-speed motor control inverter for turboexpander.
Sergey Bachinsky
Work at:
- BATCH Design (Racing bikes and components) - CEO, designer
- Dragon Fly Gmbh (Germany) - designer (mechanic)
- Scatt.com - designer
- "Energy and Co" - Deputy CEO
- GasComplex - Development Director
- Averiba Inc (USA) - CEO
- Emotion Space - CFO
- Samocat (electric) - CTO, designer
Alexandr Panarin
Motor design
Realized projects
Contact us
CEO Bredihin Igor
Phone: +7-985-9961966
E-mail: ibredihin@ya.ru

CCO Petuhov Nikita
Phone: +7-915-2332315
E-mail: 7929098@mail.ru
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